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Captain Tsubasa Vol. 2
Japanese Anime VCD

Captain Tsubasa Vol. 2

Japanese Anime VCD

VCD Features
Product Name : Captain Tsubasa Vol. 2
Language : English
Subtitle : None
Disc Qty : 1 pcs
Weight : 80 g
Video Format : NTSC Fullscreen
Running Time : -
  • Title: Captain Tsubasa Vol. 2
  • Listed Date : 18 July 2002
  • Cast:

    Hard Training
    First day at school. Tsubasa leads the soccer team for training everyday. The coach Rebato has set up a game Tsubasa and Isasaki (Saki) have successfully scored 2 to win the game. That shows improvement on Menomi team.

    Soccer As Good Friend
    During training session, Rebato wants Menomi team members treat soccer ball as their good friend and keep it all time. Without flash involvement, Sutacu team still can win Sakaya team amazingly. The date of sport day is closer and closer, Flash has under a hard training days and nights. At the final training day, Rebato has decided to appoint Bash as goal keeper??