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Ultraman Tiga Vol 1
Japanese Anime VCD

Ultraman Tiga Vol 1

Japanese Anime VCD

VCD Features
Product Name : Ultraman Tiga Vol 1
Language : English
Subtitle : Chinese
Disc Qty : 1 pcs
Weight : 100 g
Video Format : NTSC / PAL / Color
Running Time : -
  • Title: Ultraman Tiga Vol 1
  • Listed Date : 13 Sept 2005
  • Cast:

    A giant monster appears on the Mongolian plains, another beast attacks Easter Island! Meanwhile a strange meteor crashes to Earth. It contains an alien machine with a cryptic message about the ancient land of Tiga. The Global Unlimited Task Squad (GUTS), Earth's finest defense force locates the ancient Land of Tiga in Western Japan. There they discover three gigantic stone statues. The two monsters converge upon the statues, destroying two of them. Enveloped in a strange white light, GUTS agent Daigo becomes merged with one of the statues and transforms into the gigantic warrior Ultraman Tiga! This was the first Ultraman TV program made entirely in Japan in 16 years and presented tremendous challenges to the staff. But they managed to pull it together and produce one of the most popular shows of the long-running Ultraman series.

    Gakuma first appeared on Kurarajima Island where legends said the beast had lived underground for centuries. The creature can fire a white hot beam capable of vaporizing solid rock from its mouth. In fact the monster seems to be able to eat solid stone and derive nutrition from it. The monster is finally destroyed by the GUTS team using the Dekisasu beam fired from their GUTS Wing 2 aircraft. After the destruction of Gakuma Alpha, a second even larger creature of the same species appears and is dubbed Gakuma Beta by the GUTS team. The two monsters are identical except that Gakuma Beta has two horns whereas Gakuma Alpha has only one. Ultimately only Ultraman Tiga is powerful enough to destroy the monster.