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101 Proposal
Japanese TV Drama VCD

101 Proposal

Japanese TV Drama VCD

VCD Features
Product Name : 101 Proposal
Language : Japanese
Subtitle : Chinese
Disc Qty : 8 pcs
Weight : 330 g
Video Format : NTSC/PAL/Color
Running Time : -
  • Title: 101 Proposal
  • Listed Date : 20 Apr 2001
  • Cast:

    Kaoru and Tatsurou were introduced to marry. But Kaoru declines Tatsurou's proposal. Tatsuo has been declined his proposals 99 times and it is the100th. Kaoru can't forget her fianc·who is dead. Tatsurou makes up his mind to make her turn to him, but finally gives up. But after that Kaoru notices how seriously Tatsurou loved her and she proposes him to marry her.