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Princess Hours Complete Collection (Episode 1~24)
Korean TV Drama VCD

Princess Hours Complete Collection (Episode 1~24)

Korean TV Drama VCD

VCD Features
Product Name : Princess Hours Complete Collection (Episode 1~24)
Language : Korean,Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese
Disc Qty : 24 pcs
Weight : 810 g
Video Format : NTSC/Color
Running Time : -
  • Title: Princess Hours Complete Collection (Episode 1~24)
  • Listed Date : 21 July 2006
  • Cast:

    When the King’s illness worsened, Crown Prince Shin promised the Empress to marry his arranged marriage partner as soon as possible. Prince Shin was still in high school but he realized that there have never been personal choices available in the life of a Crown Prince. Prince Shin was in love once and even proposed to his girlfriend Mi Hyo-rin who turned him down. He thought it was a good thing too because whoever marries him will lose her own identity and personality. He felt consoled that he would be marrying a stranger so that his true love would not be subjected to such sufferings. Chae-kyung received a letter from the Royal household when her family was facing difficulties. To Chae-kyung’s parents everything seemed like a dream, a ‘huge biscuit’ that God has bestowed on them, as they saw that the arranged marriage grandfather always boasted of become realized. Chae-kyung cried out loud as she was still a high school student and she was not willing to accept the fact that she has get married so suddenly. Finalil, she relented as it was her responsibility as the eldes child as well as to settle her family's difficulties. Yul, second- in - line to the crown and the son of Crown Prince How-yeol, who was killed in a road accident 14 years ago returned to his motherland with the directive from his mother. ......