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十三人刺客 (DVD) (2010) 日本電影


  • 視 頻
  • NTSC Widescreen 16:9
  • 音 頻
  • 日語
  • 字 幕
  • 英文, 中文, 馬來文
  • 光碟
  • DVD 光碟
  • 區碼
  • 區碼 All


  • 商品名稱 : 十三人刺客
  • 上映 / 播送日 : 2010年
  • 上架日 : 2012年01月11日
  • 片數 : 1 片
  • 重量 : 150(g)

  • 劇情介紹
  • On a training journey in the Bayankala Mountain Range in the Qinghai Province of China, Ranma Saotome and his father Genma fell into the cursed springs at Jusenkyo. When someone falls into a cursed spring, they take the physical form of whatever drowned there hundreds or thousands of years ago whenever they come into contact with cold water. The curse will revert when exposed to hot water until their next cold water exposure. Genma fell into the Spring of the Drowned Panda while Ranma fell into the Spring of the Drowned Girl.