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The Himalayas


The Himalayas (DVD) Korean Movie
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NTSC: Widescreen 16:9
English, Chinese, Malay
DVD Disc
Running Time Appx. 124 minutes

DVD Region Code : Region All


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Additional information The Himalayas (Korean Movie DVD)
  • Product Name : The Himalayas
  • Production Date : 2016
  • Listed Date : 20/07/2016
  • Disc Qty : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 150(g)
  • Country : Korea
Synopsis The Himalayas
Title: The Himalayas

Following a grueling climb up Kanchenjunga, Hong-gil and Mu-taek become fast friends and partners in climb. The peak of their professional careers comes when they become the 14th team to scale the Himalayas. But the climb came at a price: both sustained injuries and Hong-gil was compelled to retire. Years later, Hong-gil is a renowned lecturer and Mu-taek takes up an assignment to go up Everest. When Hong-gil learns that Mu-taek has gone missing, he blames himself for encouraging the younger man's plans. Looking at a photo of Mu-taek's frozen corpse still trapped on the mountain, he decides to put together a rescue team to retrieve the body. Despite warnings, concerns over his injured leg and treacherous storms, Hong-gil leads the expedition.

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