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Back To 1989

Back To 1989 (DVD) Taiwan TV Drama
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PAL: Widescreen 16:9
Mandarin (TW)
English, Chinese Simplified
7-Disc Box Set
DVD Disc

DVD Region Code : Region All


Additional information Back To 1989 (Taiwan TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Back To 1989
  • Episode : 1-21 end
  • Production Date : 2016
  • Listed Date : 27/09/2016
  • Disc Qty : 7 pcs
  • Weight : 360(g)
  • Country : Taiwan
Synopsis Back To 1989
Title: Back To 1989

The identity of Chen Che's biological father is a taboo topic in the Chen family. When an accident threw him back to 1989, a year before he was born, he gets a chance to find out himself. Before he could locate his mother, he first meets her best friend, Ye Zhen Zhen, a wholesome girl who helps him navigate the past while he helps her land big clients with his expert knowledge of stock market trend. Through her, he gets to know his younger, happier "mom" and the possible candidates for his father. When he learns the true reason his mother never talks about his father, he is faced with a dilemma: He must choose between his mother's future and his very existence.

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