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Gantz: O The Movie


Gantz: O The Movie (DVD) Japanese Movie
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NTSC: Widescreen 16:9
English, Chinese, Malay
DVD Disc
Running Time Appx. 96 minutes

DVD Region Code : Region All


Additional information Gantz: O The Movie (Japanese Movie DVD)
  • Product Name : Gantz: O The Movie
  • Production Date : 2016
  • Listed Date : 09/06/2017
  • Disc Qty : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 150(g)
  • Country : Japan
Synopsis Gantz: O The Movie
Title: Gantz: O The Movie

While fighting invading monsters, Kei Kurono rescues his friend, Reika. Though she protests, he faces off against the monsters' leader, dying just after killing it. Reika and her surviving teammates are teleported back to their base. Elsewhere, Masaru Kato dies after attempting to save someone from a knife-wielding maniac in a subway (who seems to be indiscriminately killing innocent bystanders). He wakes up in a small room with Reika and her teammates: Yoshikazu Suzuki, an old man; Joichiro Nishi, a surly teenager; and an angry, unidentified man. Suzuki explains that, in the past, they have each died and woken in the room. They are subsequently forced to fight against waves of monsters

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