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With Prisoners

With Prisoners (DVD) Hong Kong Movie
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NTSC: Widescreen 16:9
English, Chinese, Malay
DVD Disc
Running Time Appx. 97 minutes

DVD Region Code : Region All


Additional information With Prisoners (Hong Kong Movie DVD)
  • Product Name : With Prisoners
  • Production Date : 2017
  • Listed Date : 10/11/2017
  • Disc Qty : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 150(g)
  • Country : Hong Kong
Synopsis With Prisoners
Title: With Prisoners

‘Fan’ the protagonist is a young gang member who was sentenced to 3 months at this particular juvenile detention center. After 3 days of abuse from the staff inside, Fan commits suicide. He survives the ordeal and is given hope to see his grandmother one last time before she passes. By submitting and embracing the guards’ abuse, Fan earns his right to be released in record time. Only to witness the mysterious death of his cellmate days before his own release. Is this the only way to ensure the rehabilitation of our young prisoners? How many more young lives will be ruined if we allow places like this to exist?

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