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Royal Cuisine : Jewel in the Palace Part 2

Royal Cuisine : Jewel in the Palace Part 2 (DVD) Korean Movie
NTSC/Color - Fullscreen
English , Chinese , Malay
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Additional information Royal Cuisine : Jewel in the Palace Part 2 (Korean Movie DVD)
  • Product Name : Royal Cuisine : Jewel in the Palace Part 2
  • Listed Date : 19/07/2005
  • Disc Qty : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 150(g)
Synopsis Royal Cuisine : Jewel in the Palace Part 2
Title: Royal Cuisine : Jewel in the Palace Part 2

The famous Korean drama [Jewel in the Palace] has brought in great impact to the world owing to its touching stories, splendid acting of the actors, as well as it strikes the audiences' interest towards the Korean culture and the imperial cuisine. Jang-geum (starred by Lee Young Ae) and Han Sang-gong (starred by Yang Mi Kyung) has introduced lot's of delicious dishes. The imperial cuisine consists of steamed dishes, soup, kimchi, and many more. It's an absolute mouth-watering programme keeping audiences enjoy while watching it.
Stay tuned with Yang Mi Kyung and the Korea's cuisine expert, Mrs. Lee Jong Im in these 4 episodes of [Royal Cuisine-Jewel in the Palace] for reviews of various dishes in [Jewel in the Palace] and also, the NG features. Watch out demonstration of cooking methods of the imperial cuisine, feel the experience of being a Sang-gong!

This is one of the most splendid palace cooking. Chinese vermicelli is to be put in this food. The red bream which is filleted will be fried.It isn't oily and tasty. Every lunar year on April the red bream produces roe and turning fat due to they have eaten lot’s of octopus and prawns. The red bream which colour are reddish and the ones which have 3-4 blue green dot are fresh.

This food was cooked at the time of Sinmije after Janggeum lost her ability of taste if bamboo is boiled, water comes out from it. This water is called Jukwhang makes fever lower, and good for a paralyzed person. If we put rice into bamboo tube and cooked, Jukwhang is absorbed into rice. The immune system in our body will become effective.

If you remember words which Janggeum told, that is persimmon? you know that the food in which that persimmon was put is called the JUKSUNCHE. Its main ingredient is the bamboo shoot. The bamboo shot cleanse the blood of body, prevent insomnia, constipation, and reduce stress. If it is kept in water long time, the taste isn't nice. So if you wish to use it later, just boil it and keep it in freezer. "

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