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All About Eve Complete TV Series

All About Eve Complete TV Series (DVD) Korean TV Drama
NTSC/Color - Fullscreen
Korean , Mandarin
English , Chinese , Malay
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Additional information All About Eve Complete TV Series (Korean TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : All About Eve Complete TV Series
  • Episode : 1-20 end
  • Listed Date : 20/12/2005
  • Disc Qty : 5 pcs
  • Weight : 300(g)
Synopsis All About Eve Complete TV Series

Title: All About Eve Complete TV Series

Consist of episode 1 to 20, complete TV series.

A big thorn in Young-mi's life since she moved to Seoul is her old boyfriend, Bae In-su. He follows her to Seoul and opens a hostess bar. He blackmails her into working at his bar like she did in the country. He wants her back in his life so he is always watching her, which gives her nightmares because he could destroy her life as a TV announcer. Young-mi gives the police information to put him in jail. When he comes out of jail, he is out to get her. She manages to set a trap for him again but he escapes the police.

After several breakups, Sun-mi and Hyung-chul finally get together again. Young- mi is still after Hyung-chul even though she went back to Woo-jin because he had the tape of her tampering with Ju-hee's brakes. Woo-jin erases the tape and gives Young-mi a plane ticket, telling her that they can go away and start a new life together. She tears up the ticket in his face.

Young-mi goes on an on-location shoot. Woo-jin is there as a photographer. Bae In-su calls the station to get the location of the shoot and goes there with a knife. When Young-mi sees In-su coming towards her, she backs up into the path of an oncoming truck. Woo-jin sees this and pushes her out of the way. He instead is hit by the truck and dies. Young-mi acts like it doesn't bother her and to everyone's surprise she doesn't go to Woo-jin's funeral/burial. Inside she is really hurting and she avenges his death by having In-su arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

Ju-hee who was leaving her position as news anchor to be the station's British correspondent changes her mind to get married. She recommends Sun-mi to go in her place. Although it is a great opportunity for Sun-mi, she doesn't want to leave Hyung-chul. He on the other hand wants to marry Sun-mi but doesn't want to hold her back if she really wants to go to London. They are both not truthful about their real feelings.

One night Young-mi pops in the video that Woo-jin made for her. She is surprised and breaks down when she sees the video. Woo-jin put in video the good times that they shared and he asks her to marry him because he loves her despite all her wrongdoings. He forgives her so she should forgive herself. Young-mi goes to visit Woo-jin's mother to make amends and then goes to see Sun-mi to make amends. They become friends again. At work Hyung-chul finds a letter of resignation from Young-mi. In it she confesses to all the evil things she did to people to get her way.

Young-mi goes to visit Woo-jin's grave and asks him for forgiveness for taking so long and then goes to a lake and walks into the water. Everyone looks for her but she just disappeared. One day while Sun-mi is doing a broadcast, there is a shoot about a nonprofit organization and the volunteers helping the nuns. There was Young-mi helping the children. Sun-mi and Hyung-chul go to the abbey to find her. Young-mi does not recognize them. The nun there says that student helpers found her in the lake and pulled her out. All Young-mi can remember is up to the time she was 6 years old. The reason for this is that her mother left home when she was 6. She only remembers the good times in her childhood up to 6 years old and everything else is blocked out. Young-mi is happy where she is and doesn't want to leave the abbey.

On the eve that Sun-mi is to leave for London, Hyung-chul finally tells her not to go and to marry him. She is happy because that was what she really wanted. They embrace and kiss in the middle of the street in traffic.

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