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The 3rd Generation

The 3rd Generation (DVD) Chinese Movie
NTSC Full Screen
English , Chinese
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Additional information The 3rd Generation (Chinese Movie DVD)
  • Product Name : The 3rd Generation
  • Listed Date : 10/03/2007
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Synopsis The 3rd Generation
Title: The 3rd Generation

Malaysia's first award winning Cantonese movie starring Nicholas Teo, Carmen Soo and Amber Chia.

The chinese have been in Malaysia for more than a century, contributing to the economy hile making this country their home. As we study their history here, we can see that while time passes and fortunes change, certain family dynamics remain constant.

The family patriarch, Chan Wah, emigrated to Malaya along with the wave of young Chinese men who came seeking their fortunes. Despite his lack of education, he is sharp, hard-working and thrifty, and soon makes a small fortune. His wife is also from China, as well marriages then were arranged by the respective families.

Chan Wah's son, Charlie, inherits his father's shrewd business sense. He leads a priviledged life and is sent abroad to England for studies. When he return, he takes over his father's business and diversifies into property and construction, causing the family business to become a huge conglomerate. Chan Wah tries to dictate his choice of bride for his son but Charlie insists on choosing his own wife, Susan.

Chan Wah's daughter, Judy, as with all female offspring in a Chinese family, isn't paid much attention or given recognition although she returns from overseas with a degree in fashion design. To gain her father's approval, shen constantly has to prove herself to him.

Charlie's liasion with Linda, a beautiful girl who comes from a poor family, is central to the movie plot. She may be poor and uneducated but is highly intelligent and ambitious. Charlie takes her under his wing, and she flourishes under his patronage.

Charlie grow up with his amah's (maid)son, Boon Seng, who becomes his trusted right hand man. Staying out of the limelight, Boon Seng is nevertheless a central figure, talking care of matters for Charlie and covering up his misdemeanors.

The Chan men, although of different generation and having live in dissimilar eras, are almost identical in their characters and traits.In their dealings and relationship with people around them - wives, children and other family members, mistresses and girlfriends, staff, business associates and friends, we gain insights into the Chinese family.

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