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True To Love Complete TV Series

True To Love Complete TV Series (DVD) Korean TV Drama
NTSC Full Screen
Korean , Mandarin (China Dubbed)
English , Chinese
DVD Disc

DVD Region Code : Region All


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Additional information True To Love Complete TV Series (Korean TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : True To Love Complete TV Series
  • Listed Date : 10/03/2007
  • Disc Qty : 2 pcs
  • Weight : 190(g)
Synopsis True To Love Complete TV Series
Title: True To Love Complete TV Series
Also known as:

Love, although such a common emotion for everyone, is something we struggle to find in our daily lives. The characters in Did We Really Love perfectly portray this struggle to identify, define, and maintain their love through life’s tough choices and consequences.

"Identifying Love" - Jae-Ho, a complicated character with a strong drive to succeed, gets involved in a love triangle. Virtually orphaned at nine, Jae-Ho gives up on love, and instead seeks material success by pursuing a woman who will serve as a jumping board to high society. However, he is attracted to another woman who could show him the true meaning of life. Will he choose true love? Or worldly and material success?
"Defining Love" - Suk-Koo, a self proclaimed Casanova, struggles between friendship and love. He is also plagued by many insecurities, especially since he is Jae-Ho’s childhood friend. Suk-Koo falls in love with Jae-Ho’s little sister (Jae-Young) and they secretly hide their relationship. Jae-Ho, a caring brother who only wants to best for his sister, forbids Suk-Koo from pursuing his little sister. Suk-Koo is faced with a tough decision between longtime loyalty and true love.

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