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Come To My Place Complete TV Series

Come To My Place Complete TV Series (DVD) Taiwan TV Drama
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NTSC Full Screen
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Additional information Come To My Place Complete TV Series (Taiwan TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Come To My Place Complete TV Series
  • Episode : 1-15 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Taiwan CTV
  • Production Date : 2002
  • Listed Date : 19/04/2007
  • Disc Qty : 2 pcs
  • Weight : 190(g)
Synopsis Come To My Place Complete TV Series
Title: Come To My Place Complete TV Series

Xiao Wen stays alone in Taipei. She wakes up one day to find herself in the same bed with Qian Yong. He is a university student who works part-time in a pub. Both become acquaintances after this embarrassing encounter. They start to blend into each other's lives. Even though they may have conflicts, they resolve them with the pub owner JJ's help.

Qian Yong helps JJ to look after his pub when he is out of town. JJ pays him handsomely and coaxes him to go on a trip with Xiao Wen. Both go to the hot spring and enjoy themselves. Both promise not to give up their dreams under the stars. Xiao Wen knows that Qian Yong is reluctant to buy an expensive camera which costs NT$19,000. She buys it for him. He is touched.

Xiao Wen is a pianist and a song company producer, Guan Tian Jian starts to admire her talents. She starts to release her first album. Qian Yong seeks to become a professional photographer but often meets with setbacks. Zhong Yuan's presence gives him a lot of pressure. Xiao Wen and him need to adapt to the new changes in life.

Qian Yong's efforts pay off and he becomes famous. The famous photographer's daughter, Qiu Xue Er admires him and helps him in his career. Zhong Yuan can't swallow this and decides to challenge him.

Xiao Wen is hesitant in the breakup and meets her ex-boyfriend, Yi Ye. They have broken up for 2 years. Both of them play the piano and the chemistry is still there. Her boss even comments that they are a golden couple in the piano entertainment circle. Yi Ye discovers she was forced to break up with him because of his parents' pressure. They have wanted him to inherit the family business. After the breakup, he was so upset that he refused to touch the piano again.

She finally knows that he sacrificed his love for piano because of her. She rejects his offer to send her home, but he hugs her. He still loves her and wants to pick up the interest again. Guan Tian Jian tells Xiao Wen that Yi Ye is injured on the day he is supposed to sign the contract with his company.

The accident causes the nerve in his right hand to be seiously injured and he can never play again. Their love is shortlived and his dream is ruined. Both hug each other to cry bitterly. He needs Xiao Wen to give him consolation.

She finally gets him to sleep but misses Qian Yong. Qian Yong is selected to participate in the national photography contest and he hopes that Xiao Wen can be his model. He stays in the rented workplace and ignores Xiao Wen when she brings him food. Xiao Wen complains about him ignoring her and Qian Yong suggests a breakup. She cries upon leaving.

She faces her two lovers and have to make a choice between them. She decides to stay by Yi Ye and moves out. Suddenly a big truck that carries a big red cloth blocks the movers' truck. It is Qian Yong. He removes the cloth and reveals the big piano that he has promised to buy for her. He tells her,'come to my home!' and finally she agrees in tears.

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