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The Rose

The Rose (DVD) Taiwan TV Drama
NTSC Full Screen
Chinese, Malay
DVD Disc

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Additional information The Rose (Taiwan TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : The Rose
  • Episode : 1~26 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Taiwan TTV
  • Production Date : 2003
  • Listed Date : 19/04/2007
  • Disc Qty : 7 pcs
  • Weight : 360(g)
Synopsis The Rose
Title: The Rose

Bai He (Ella) is a chubby and plain-looking girl and the story starts with her being dumped by her boyfriend for a prettier girl. When she returns home, she finds that her grandmother has passed away. This portion is especially sad, when Ella reads a letter left by her grandmother. From the letter, she finds out that her mother, who abandoned her when she was young, is actually Han Li (Ye Tong), a famous and beautiful actress.

Thus, Bai He sets out to look for her mother; armed with some sort of a document that proves that she is really Han Li's daughter. As she is struggling with her bags along the slope that leads to Han Li's house, she meets this guy who is extremely aloof and refuses to help her. When she finally reaches the house, she is surprised to find the guy entering it.

It turns out that he is her half-brother Han Jin (Jerry Huang). In that family, there are three siblings, whose fathers are all different. Fu Rong (Lu Ming Jun) is the eldest daughter, followed by Jin, then Kui (Brian Zheng). Their names all represent flowers, and they are all blessed with good looks. Thus they are doubtful when Bai He claims to be their sibling, until she produces the document. There is a funny moment here when Kui whips out a baseball bat to threaten Bai He.

When Han Li returns, she allowed Bai He to stay, but she treats Bai He like a maid. She also does a very shocking thing by cutting away Bai He's long hair.

The Han family is made up of very weird people. Fu Rong is the cold, distant beauty who stays at home everyday. She is also an observant person. Jin is cold towards Bai He, but when he's drunk, he becomes very gentle towards her, and has the habit of going to her room at night to sleep next to her. Kui is like a childish mischievous kid, and he has a crush on his brother Jin.

But as Bai He stays with them, they all learn to accept her as part of the family. One day, Bai He finds out that Han Li is actually not her real mother. Her mother is actually Han Li's best friend. Another shocking revelation is that although she is not related to Jin and Fu Rong, she is related to Kui. That is because Bai He and Kui share the same father. Han Li had an affair with her best friend's boyfriend, who is Bai He's father, while married to her fourth husband.

Kui is extremely upset when he found out, because he has started to develop feelings for Bai He, and he does not wish to be related to her. They also do not tell Jin the truth, as they are worried that he would not be able to accept it. Bai He is the only one who has been able to bring back a little warmth to him, ever since his girlfriend, Qin (Selina) died. If Jin finds out that Bai He isn't his sister, he will ignore her, and sink back to depression.

Thus begins a triangle relationship. Bai He likes Jin, while Kui likes Bai He. Jin has feelings for Bai He, but he doesn't admit it, and keeps saying that Bai He is only his sister.

There are many things that happen in between, which is going to be extremely long to write, so I'll leave it to you all to watch the show.

But in the end, Jin finds out the truth, and finally admits his feelings. Bai He and Jin also begin a relationship, But that doesn't mean that is the end of their problems. They face opposition from Han Li, but fortunately, in the end everything works out.

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