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Memories Of Bali

Memories Of Bali (DVD) Korean TV Drama
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Korean , Mandarin
English , Chinese , Malay
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Additional information Memories Of Bali (Korean TV Drama DVD)
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  • Listed Date : 05/01/2008
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Synopsis Memories Of Bali
Title: Memories Of Bali

Following the enormous success of the Korean TV drama series Staiway to heaven, SBS has done it again with Memories of Bali. Now with Chinese & Malay subtitle, see why over 40% of the Korean population tuned into see this heartrending and intense 28-episodes TV drama.

Jung Jae-Min (Jo In-Sung, real name) is the second son of Pax Group Company in which are arranged to be married to the only daughter of the Choi company. However, he got a bit jealous knowing his fiancee is still in love with her college-sweetheart eventhough he began to fall deeply in love to the poor girl who ask him to lend her a big sum of money, and ended up giving her a job also. Jae-Min's life has pretty much screwed up after his marriage to Young-Joo. Everything just falls apart after that.. Lee Soo-Jung(Ha Ji-Won, real name) is an orphan who has led in a life of poverty. She ended up in Bali because of her brother that owes money to the sharkloaners. Her life changed after she met Jae-Min, In-Wook and Young-Joo. At first she thought In-Wook was the second son of the big company Jae-Min's father owns. Her luck changes after both of the guy actually fell in love with her and start to follow her around.

Kang In-Wook (So Ji Sup, real name) is a cool, quiet type-a-guy who works hard to live his life and his mom. He was sent back from Jakarta to the headquarter by the son of the Pax Group company in Seoul. Used to go out with Choi Young-Joo in college and somewhat still holds a special place in Young-Joo's heart even though she can't marry a poor guy. Destiny has fated him to live as a next-door neighbor to Soo-Jung and her friend, Mi-Hee in a very crappy apartment.

Choi Young-Joo (Park Ye-jin) is the only daughter from a very influential parents whose mother has arranged her marriage to Jae-Min long before she realized that she can't marry him as her heart still belongs to In-Wook. She got furious after knowing that In-Wook has no longer hold her heart and fell in love with a girl whose nothing compared to her. Young-Joo is the girl that has everything but love.

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