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Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days (DVD) Korean TV Drama
NTSC Fullscreen
Korean , Mandarin
English , Chinese , Malay
DVD Disc

DVD Region Code : Region All


Additional information Beautiful Days (Korean TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Beautiful Days
  • Listed Date : 03/05/2008
  • Disc Qty : 6 pcs
  • Weight : 330(g)
Synopsis Beautiful Days
Title: Beautiful Days

Lee leads a cast of stars as Min-Chul, a charismatic, but emotionally wounded man who hates his father. He bears ill will towards his half-brother, Sun-Jae (Ryu Si Won), but through their continued involvement with the beautiful, caring Yun Soo (Choi Ji Woo), and the selfish, but strong-willed Se Na (Lee Jung Hyun), the brothers have a chance to grow.

Share their personal setbacks, bitter rivalries, sudden emotions, and the minor triumphs and surprising tragedies that are a part of being young and in love. For the four of them, these are easily their most challenging, but also their most Beautiful Days!

In this popular classic k-drama, Yun Soo (Choi Ji Woo) and Sae Na (Lee Jung Hyun) grew up like sisters in an orphanage. Yun Soo is the nice one while Sae Na is the opposite with bad attitudes. When they were growing up, they got a visit from the president of a large record company and his stepson, Sun Jae (Ryu Shi Won).

Sun Jae mom (Lee Kyung Jin), remarried when Sun Jae was around 10, but Sun Jae always believes that his stepfather is his real father and his mom was a mistress. His stepfather has two other children, Min Chul (Lee Byung Hun), and Min Ji (Shin Min Ah).

They hate Sun Jae and his mom for barging into their lives. When they are all grown, Yun Soo starts working at the record store managed by Min Chul to look for Sae Na, whom she has lost contact with 5 years earlier. Sae Na dreams of becoming a singer so Yun Soo hopes that she will see her there someday. But when Yun Soo finds Sae Na, a misunderstanding occur which keeps them apart. To make matters worse, Sae Na falls for Sun Jae, while Sun Jae falls for Yun Soo who seems to have fallen for the dashing Min Chul...

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