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Royal Tramp

Royal Tramp (DVD) China TV Drama
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NTSC Widescreen 16:9
Chinese Simplified, Malay
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Additional information Royal Tramp (China TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Royal Tramp
  • Episode : 1~50 end
  • TV Station / Studio : China Jiangsu TV
  • Production Date : 2008
  • Listed Date : 11/06/2008
  • Disc Qty : 13 pcs
  • Weight : 480(g)
  • Country : China
Synopsis Royal Tramp
Title: Royal Tramp

Masterfully interweaving fictional characters and events with those from history, Jin Yong's last wuxia novel tells the story of an unconventional hero who achieved fame and success due to sheer luck and clever gimmicks. Born in a Yangzhou brothel, Wei Xiao Bao is naturally cunning, witty and lazy. Thinking he's learned everything there is to know about heroes since the beginning of time from patrons of the local teahouse, Xiao Bao decides he wants to be one too. On a whim, he saves Mao Shi Ba, a chivalrous man who'd fallen on hard times. In gratitude, the latter brings Xiao Bao to Beijing, where the real adventures begin. Xiao Bao is brought into the palace by Head Eunuch Hai Da Fu and successfully establishes himself by impersonating Xiao Gui Zi, one of the little eunuchs. One day, Xiao Bao chances upon young Emperor Kang Xi, who is practicing martial arts. After exchanging a few bouts, the two develop an unlikely friendship. Throughout the series, Xiao Bao serves as Kang Xi's right-hand man in disposing of the power-hungry Ao Bai, weakening Wu San Gui's rebellion, and dealing with all sorts of other challenges while trying to keep his other identity as designated mole for Tian Di Hui, an anti-Qing organization, under wraps.

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