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Little Nyonya

Little Nyonya (DVD) Singapore TV Drama
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Additional information Little Nyonya (Singapore TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Little Nyonya
  • Listed Date : 17/03/2009
  • Disc Qty : 11 pcs
  • Weight : 480(g)
Synopsis Little Nyonya
Title: Little Nyonya

A story that spans several decades, it tells the life of Yue Niang (Jeannette Aw), a pretty little Nyonya who is skilled in Peranakan, also known as Straits Chinese, cooking and sewing. Growing up in a traditional family, she is discriminated against as the granddaughter of a lowly second wife, a situation made worse by her mother’s disapproved union with a Japanese photographer.

Yue Niang’s beauty and kindness attracted the attention of many suitors, but incur the jealousy of her cousin. She soon catches the eye of a rich, young man who had just returned from overseas, but she loves only Chen Xi (Qi Yu Wu), a rich man disguising as a ‘penniless’ driver. He is touched by her innocence and kindness, and falls deeply in love with her. But under immense pressure, he is forced to marry Yue Niang’s cousin instead.

Yue Niang, on the other hand, is sold to a local gangster, Liu Yi Dao (Yao Wen Long). She impresses him with her fearlessness, and becomes his sworn sister. She embarks on a journey to carve out her own life and succeeds despite several setbacks. However, there is still no sign of a man she truly loves.

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