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Cruel Temptation

아내의 유혹

Cruel Temptation (DVD) Korean TV Drama
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NTSC Fullscreen
Korean, Mandarin
English, Chinese Traditional
DVD Disc


Additional information Cruel Temptation (Korean TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Cruel Temptation
  • Episode : 1~129 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Korea SBS
  • Production Date : 2009
  • Listed Date : 27/12/2009
  • Disc Qty : 13 pcs
  • Weight : 540(g)
Synopsis Cruel Temptation
Title: Cruel Temptation
Also known as: Temptation of Wife

Gu Eun-jae (Jang Suh-hee) majored in fashion design at a prestigious university and starts preparing to study fashion in France as a post-graduate student but she becomes pregnant with Jung Gyo-bin’s (Byun Woo-min) child and then marries him, jettisoning her career hopes. Her in-laws are part of the nouveau riche class and lack any class but Eun-jae tries to get along with them during seven years of her marriage. Her first pregnancy, which led to her marriage to Gyo-bin, ends in a miscarriage. When Eun-jae becomes pregnant again after a long wait, she is overjoyed.

Around the time of her pregnancy, Eun-jae’s best friend Shin Ae-ri (Kim Seo-hyung), returns to Korea after studying in France . Ae-ri was also Eun-jae’s brother’s girlfriend at one time and when she left for France 5 years ago, she said a “sponsor” was footing the bill for her tuition. But Ae-ri’s so-called secret sponsor turns out to be Eun-jae’s husband Gyo-bin. Eun-jae later finds out that Gyo-bin was cheating on her with Ae-ri. Eun-jae is shocked to learn of her friend’s betrayal because she thought Ae-ri would marry her brother, making them sisters-in-law.

On top of that, Ae-ri had Gyo-bin’s child, a five-year-old boy. When Eun-jae’s brother Kang-jae learns about Gyo-bin’s indecent past, he physically assaults Gyo-bin. Due this incident, Gyo-bin and his mother pressure Eun-jae to sign the divorce papers. After Gyo-bin and Eun-jae get divorced, Ae-ri doesn’t find her married life comfortable because her father-in-law looks at her with disdain. While nursing her broken heart on an island, Eun-jae is visited by Ae-ri, who demands that she abort her second pregnancy and move to another country. Gyo-bin also confronts Eun-jae and takes away the wedding ring he gave her and throws it into the sea. Eun-jae jumps into the ocean to try to retrieve the wedding band because it means a lot to her. But Eun-jae can’t swim and Gyo-bin doesn’t try to rescue her. Eun-jae is lost at sea. Gyo-bin and Ae-ri become partners in crime and hide the terrible secret of causing Eun-jae’s disappearance. They return home and tell the family that Eun-jae committed suicide...

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