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A Great Way To Care II

A Great Way To Care II (DVD) Hong Kong TV Drama
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PAL: Widescreen 16:9
English, Chinese Simplified, Malay
5-Disc Set
DVD Disc
Running Time Appx. 1140 minutes

DVD Region Code : Region All

This title is only available within Malaysia and Brunei.


Additional information A Great Way To Care II (Hong Kong TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : A Great Way To Care II
  • Episode : 1-25 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Hong Kong TVB
  • Production Date : 2013
  • Listed Date : 19/04/2013
  • Disc Qty : 5 pcs
  • Weight : 300(g)
  • Country : Hong Kong
Synopsis A Great Way To Care II
Title: A Great Way To Care II

KO LAP-YAN (Alex Fong) pulls himself together following his wife’s death, and changes his job, becoming a Consultant of Forensic Psychiatry Department.

As soon as he assumes his office, he cooperates with another Consultant, Dr. CHEUK WAI-KIU (YoYo Mung), conducting clinical evaluations and treatments on a mentally ill patient. During the examination, a felony involving an evil cult is unveiled, so LAP-YAN joins forces with LAM CHUNG-YAN (Tavia Yeung), an Inspector of Regional Crime Unit, to probe into the matter. Gradually, a subtle bond between Department of Forensic Psychiatry and the Regional Crime Unit becomes established. Each time she encounters a convoluted case, CHUNG-YAN goes to seek aid from LAP-YAN, whereas WAI-KIU seeks advice from LAP-YAN whenever she has relationship problems. Furthermore, with the spiritual support from his good colleagues as well as good friends, LIN CHI-SUM (Ram Chiang) and LEUNG KAI-WING (Edwin Siu), LAP-YAN actively turns over a new leaf. Out of the blue, while a horrific serial murder case stirs up some turbulence, LAP-YAN discovers that there is an utmost connection between the case and CHUNG-YAN.

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