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Long Weekend

Long Weekend (DVD) Thai Movie
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PAL: Widescreen 16:9
English, Chinese
DVD Disc
Running Time Appx. 95 minutes

DVD Region Code : Region All


Additional information Long Weekend (Thai Movie DVD)
  • Product Name : Long Weekend
  • Production Date : 2013
  • Listed Date : 04/08/2013
  • Disc Qty : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 150(g)
  • Country : Thai
Synopsis Long Weekend
Title: Long Weekend

The story involves six teenagers who head to mysterious isolated island for a weekend of partying. Trouble is, the island has a dark and ancient history, of a sacrificial rite held during the so-called "blood moon" that is meant to keep the "devouring ghost" at bay. And of course, these kids are visiting the island during that very time.

A group of teenagers goes on trip to an isolated island, where there was an old ceremony on Friday the 13th called "The Night of Devouring Ghosts", which is when all the ghosts will come out for offerings. They use this chance to play a prank on Thongsook, a nerdy strange guy who they want to get rid of. They lock him up inside a cabinet in the old shrine on the island. But the joke isn't funny anymore when they come back to find Thongsook has disappeared from the locked cabinet and all hell starts to break loose.

Product prices are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).