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Aim High

Aim High (DVD) Taiwan TV Drama
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PAL: Widescreen 16:9
Mandarin (TW)
English, Chinese
7-Disc Box Set
DVD Disc

DVD Region Code : Region All


Additional information Aim High (Taiwan TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Aim High
  • Episode : 1-20 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Taiwan SET TV
  • Production Date : 2014
  • Listed Date : 22/04/2015
  • Disc Qty : 7 pcs
  • Weight : 360(g)
  • Country : Taiwan
Synopsis Aim High
Title: Aim High

Today's youth now face a harsh reality where pay is low and unemployment is high; how do they get out of this rat race and survive this battle of the fittest?

Yi-Fen Hsu, Mao-Tang Yen (Mao Mao), Mei Hao, and Ming-Hsiang Tien (Mi-Hsiang), four female college students majoring in Economic, thought becoming cool adults would be as easy and effortless as their strong friendship. They didn't expect a quarrel before graduation would ever make them to give up on their dreams, but it did; now they've parted ways and lived separate lives.

As these four girls pursue success, love comes knocking on their doors. Yi-Feng has always had a crush on Chi-Feng Yu, but James secretly cares for Yi-Feng, more than he's willing to admit. Proud and sensitive Mao-Mao crosses path with her first love, Dao-Yuan Ren, Mei Hao tries her best to sort out her complicated relationship with Pei-Shiang Hou; while Mi-Shiang and Guo-Feng Yu, share a comical and hilarious relationship.

As they wait for their career and dreams to start soaring, their life stories also begin to unfold in a society that has seen a rise in 22K phenomenon, a subsidization policy implemented by the government hoping to lower youth unemployment.

Product prices are in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).