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Be Home for Dinner

Be Home for Dinner (DVD) Hong Kong TVB Drama
PAL Fullscreen 4:3
Chinese Simplified
DVD Disc

DVD Region Code : 3
(This disc has region code restriction, it will not work with USA's system/player.)

$69.99 USD

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Additional information Be Home for Dinner (Hong Kong TVB Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : Be Home for Dinner
  • Episode : 1~160 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Hong Kong TVB
  • Production Date : 2011
  • Listed Date : 31 Jan 2012
  • Disc Qty : 16 pcs
  • Weight : 630(g)
Synopsis Be Home for Dinner
Title: Be Home for Dinner

Chung Kwok Chu (Elliot Yue) is a renowned food critic and an assistant editor-in-chief of a paper. His son, CHUNG SZ-HON (Jason Chan), is returning from Canada soon. CHU wishes that he could give full play to his skill in the commercial circles, but HON only likes cooking. HON meets the Kitchen Goddess SHUM PUI-YEE (Kristal Tin) and becomes her assistant by chance. CHU is hugely disappointed. CHU’s younger brother, CHUNG KWOK-TUNG (Au Kam Tong), and HON’s aunt, SUEN MA-LEI (Lam Yi Kei), argues with each other whenever they come round to CHU’s place. CHU feels that home is no longer a peaceful place. Everybody in the CHUNG family has his own expectation in life. Will gourmet cuisine bring them back to the pleasant and friendly days?