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ホーム > 日本映画 > 踊る大捜査線 映画1 - 3

踊る大捜査線 映画1 - 3

Bayside Shakedown The Movie 1 - 3

踊る大捜査線 映画1 - 3 (DVD) 日本映画
NTSC Widescreen
英語, 中国語, マレー語
DVD ディスク

DVD リージョンコード : Region All



追加情報 踊る大捜査線 映画1 - 3 (日本映画 DVD)
  • 商品名 : 踊る大捜査線 映画1 - 3
  • リスト日・ 2011年07月14日
  • Discの数量 : 2 枚
  • 重さ : 190(g)
ストーリー・ 踊る大捜査線 映画1 - 3

タイトル: 踊る大捜査線 映画1 - 3

Bayside Shakedown takes place in the fictional Wangan Precinct of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Unlike most police dramas which tend to focus on action and car chases, Bayside Shakedown focused largely on the bureaucratic issues of the police department that is also very present in many other sectors of Japanese society. The series depicted police work as office politics under a slightly different environment, complete with bureaucratic red tape, lethargic civil servants, bosses more interested in playing golf and saving face than solving crimes, interference from politicians, and conflict between Police Headquarters and the local officers (one of the major themes throughout the series). The officers depicted in Bayside Shakedown are not permitted to carry firearms except during major emergencies. Fuji TV used the fictional "All officers are to be amed" (拳銃携帯命令 Kenjū Keitai Meirei) order, which the portrayed beurocracy is often reluctant to hand down. This is in fact different to reality, where it is compulsory for a uniformed officer to be armed, and plain clothes officers are required to be armed if they expect to be exposed to any danger.

The main character of the series is a young detective named Shunsaku Aoshima (played by Yuji Oda in the TV and film adaptations). Aoshima originally worked as a corporate salesperson, but decided to join the police department out of idealism expecting a life of adventure and excitement. Once inside, he was completely underwhelmed by life on the police force, which he found to be almost the same as corporate life. Throughout the series, he tries to balance his ideals of what police work should be with the bureaucratic reality, often with humorous results.