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For You in Full Blossom

For You in Full Blossom

아름다운 그대에게

For You in Full Blossom (DVD) Korean TV Drama
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Mandarin (TW)
English, Chinese, Malay
4-Disc Set
DVD Disc

DVD Region Code : 3
(This disc has region code restriction, it will not work with USA's system/player.)
Additional information For You in Full Blossom (Korean TV Drama DVD)
  • Product Name : For You in Full Blossom
  • Episode : 1-16 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Korea SBS
  • Production Date : 2012
  • Listed Date : 04 Mar 2013
  • Disc Qty : 4 pcs
  • Weight : 270(g)
  • Country : Korea
Synopsis For You in Full Blossom
Title: For You in Full Blossom
Also known as: To the Beautiful You / Hana Kimi

FOR YOU IN FULL BLOSSOM is the highly anticipated remake of the popular Japanese manga, Hana Kimi. Kang Tae-joon, a junior high jump athlete who holds the best records, decides to quit his sport. Gu Jae-hee, a girl who was brought up in the USA and who highly admires the high jump athelete, decides to follow him back to Korea and attend the all boys’ school he goes to in the hopes of making him jump again. Jae-hee dresses and pretends to be a boy and crazy things begin to happen. To add to the mix of confusion, Cha Eun-gyeol, a soccer player who also attends the school, begins to develop feelings for our heroine. Not knowing that she is a girl, the young youth begins to go through a gender identity crisis and starts to devastatingly think that he is homosexual.