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Missing You

Missing You (DVD) Malaysia Movie
PAL Fullscreen
English, Chinese
DVD Disc

DVD Region Code : Region All

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Additional information Missing You (Malaysia Movie DVD)
  • Product Name : Missing You
  • Listed Date : 07 Mar 2010
  • Disc Qty : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 150(g)
Synopsis Missing You
Title: Missing You

Behind the glorious front, Getai icon Fang faces spouse abuse. When Zhen was young, her Grandmother used to bring her to Getai shows hosted by Fang. Zhen grew up to be a pretty and kind hearted lady who displays an aloof attitude towards men. With a passion in singing, her childhood dream is to perform for her Grandmother at a Getai. Qiang, a blue collar worker who washes car for a living likes Zhen but feels inferior because of his livelihood. Oblivious to Qiang's pursuit, Fang falls for Simon. Simon being a Casanova soon leaves Zhen for another woman. Thereafter, Qiang realizes that he suffers from a terminal illness but perserves to fulfil Zhen's wish of singing at the Getai and ends up sacrificing his own life...