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Nankyoku Tairiku aka Antarctica

南极大陆 (DVD) 日本电视剧
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NTSC Widescreen 16:9
英文, 中文(繁), 中文(简)
DVD 光碟

DVD 区码 : Region All

CNY ¥129.83

附加信息 南极大陆 (日本电视剧 DVD)
  • 商品名称 : 南极大陆
  • 集数 : 1~10集完
  • 电视台 / 电影制作 : 日本 TBS
  • 制作 / 播送日 : 2011年
  • 上架日期 : 2012年01月03日
  • 片数 : 3 片
  • 重量 : 230(g)
  • 国家 : Japan
剧情介绍 南极大陆
标题: 南极大陆
也被称为: Kami no Ryouiki ni Idomunda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari / Antarctica ~The Story of Dogs and Men Who Challenged God's Territory~

A drama commemorating TBS's 60th anniversary, the story is about 11 members who were sent to the South Pole for the first time in February 1957 in a national project to explore Antartica. They were accompanied by a dogsled of 19 Sakhalin huskies. When they left for Japan a year later, they were forced to leave the dogs behind due to the bad weather. In January 1959, Kuramochi Takeshi and some others joined a third expedition to ascertain the fate of the dogs.