The Shopaholics (DVD) (2006)

Hong Kong Movie
The Shopaholics (DVD) Hong Kong Movie
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The Shopaholics

The Shopaholics

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  • Cantonese / Mandarin
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  • English , Chinese
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  • Title : The Shopaholics / 最愛女人購物狂
  • Genre : Romance / Comedy
  • Running time: Appx. 93 minutes
  • Date of airing / In cinema : 2006
  • Listing date : 10 Feb 2009
  • Disc Qty : 1 pcs
  • Weight : 150(g)
  • Production country : Hong Kong

  • Synopsis
  • 20 years ago, a lost baby was found in a shopping centre. The baby, Fong Fong (Cecilia Cheung) grows up into a shopaholic who cannot control her impulse to shop. This vice leaves her unemployed and in debt. Desperate for help, Fong Fong decides to seek consultation from a psychologist, Gan Yan (Lau Ching Wan). With Gan Yan's help Fong Fong slowly manages to overcome her shopaholic tendacies.

    While spending time with Gan Yan, Fong Fong learns that Gan Yan and herself are completely opposite when it comes to shopping; Fong Fong is a shopaholic while Gan Yan is totally clueless when it comes to shopping.