Akai Ito aka Red Thread (DVD)

Japanese Drama
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Akai Ito aka Red Thread (DVD) Japanese Drama

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  • NTSC Widescreen
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  • Japanese
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  • English, Chinese, Malay
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  • Title : Akai Ito aka Red Thread / 赤い糸
  • Listing date : 07 Mar 2010
  • Disc Qty : 3 pcs
  • Weight : 230(g)

  • Synopsis
  • TV Station: Fuji TV
    Telecast: 2008-12-06

    Atsushi (Mizobata Junpei) and Mei (Minamisawa Nao) first met as young children and were each other's first love. After that puppy love ends they each go through their own trials and tribulations in their own lives and deal with issues like drugs, suicide, and domestic violence; but through it all they seem to be connected by a thread of fate.