Time Slip Dr. Jin (DVD) (2012)

Korean Drama
Time Slip Dr. Jin (DVD) Korean Drama
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Time Slip Dr. Jin

Time Slip Dr. Jin

  • Video
  • NTSC: Widescreen 16:9
  • Audio
  • Korean
  • Subtitle
  • English, Chinese, Malay
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    5-disc set
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  • Title : Time Slip Dr. Jin / 닥터 진
  • Episode : 1-22 end
  • TV Station / Studio : Korea MBC
  • Date of airing / In cinema : 2012
  • Listing date : 03 Jun 2013
  • Disc Qty : 5 pcs
  • Weight : 300(g)
  • Production country : Korea

  • Synopsis
  • Neurosurgeon Jin Hyuk (Song Seung-heon) may be a genius in the field, but his cold professionalism can also be seen as disregard for human life and emotion. After his girlfriend falls comatose, a strange force suddenly transports Jin back 150 years to Joseon times. There, he comes across a young woman (Park Min-young) who looks like his girlfriend, the warrior Kyung-tak (Kim Jae-joong) who is set on marrying her, an eccentric royal Ha-eung (Lee Beom-soo), and an endless parade of medical emergencies for Jin to solve. Using primitive tools and medicine to deal with everything from brain surgery to cholera outbreak, Jin gradually learn what it really means to be a doctor.